Triple Board-certified Expertise


Triple Board-certified Expertise

AquaGold Facial

Personalized red carpet “wow”.


Would you like to add some glamour to your regular skin care routine? Or do you need a touch of magic before a photoshoot or event? If you want to experience Hollywood’s favorite facial, Aquagold, in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta, then Springs Dermatology MD is your destination. Our professionalism, care, and personalized approach will make you feel like a celebrity. The only facial treatment that uses an FDA-approved, patented, luxury, gold plated device, Aquagold seamlessly delivers medical grade therapeutics, dermal fillers, skin boosters, and micro-doses of Botox.

Want to have smoother and tighter skin with micro fillers? Reduce redness and enlarged pores with Microbotox? Boost the effectiveness of laser treatments and peels with micro serums and vitamins? Brighten and whiten with micropigment reducers? Minimize acne scars with PRP or Biopelle? Bring out your beauty with a full face rejuvenation? Our Aquagold treatments can offer you all of these options


At Springs Dermatology MD, we tailor Aquagold facials to your needs. How? Aquagold Fine Touch is so versatile, we can add whatever you specifically require while increasing penetration into your skin and giving you a wonderful glow. A one of a kind microchannel microinjector device, Aquagold Fine Touch effectively delivers therapeutics under your dermis at a consistent depth of 0.6mm thanks to twenty miniature spiral grooves.


Aquagold is a fantastic addition to rejuvenation techniques such as Botox or fillers. You benefit from a better and more natural appearing cosmetic result. No anesthetic is needed as it’s completely painless. It’s so gentle yet effective, it even works on delicate skin, including the peri-oral and peri-orbital areas. Aquagold Fine Touch can deliver thousands of microinjections every minute when in the hands of professionals who use the proper technique, like our board-certified dermatologists at Springs Dermatology MD. Your wellbeing and satisfaction are important to us. We’re ready to discuss treatment options with you so you can have the best Aquagold facial experience.

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