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Triple Board-certified Expertise

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Where do you go when you need professional skin tag removal, benign mole removal, lipomas removal, cyst removal, ear lobe repair, or other general dermatologic surgery and procedural dermatology? Springs Dermatology MD in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. Our expertise in surgical procedures is here when you need it. While your health comes first, we also take measures to achieve the ideal cosmetic results.


At Springs Dermatology MD, we provide general dermatological surgery and procedural dermatology and even treat benign skin growths under local anesthetic. If you have been told in the past to live with a growth, have been misinformed about your options, or are too shy to ask, our professionals are ready to assist since skin tags, benign moles, lipomas, cysts, ear lobes, and many other conditions can be treated surgically.


Our 2 dedicated surgical units are equipped with the latest technology and devices. But we offer more than that and a more than experienced surgical team of surgical assistants and board certified physicians. We are passionate about offering real personalized care. At Springs Dermatology MD, our dermatologist or physician assistant consults with you before surgery so you can decide on the best surgical option, closure technique, and cosmetic outcome. We understand that you have a unique skin type, healing ability, and medical background. This makes our approach to surgery especially individualized and plays a role in setting expectations. We also support you and keep you informed during the preoperative stage and postoperative healing stage. 

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