Triple Board-certified Expertise


Triple Board-certified Expertise

Skin of Color

Diverse shades of beauty and confidence. 


Are you African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Native Indian, a Pacific Islander, or from another racial or ethnic background? Finding a dermatologist in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta who actually understands the unique needs of skin of color can be challenging. But at Springs Dermatology MD, we really understand your specific needs and have extensive experience in effectively and safely treating skin of all shades. Springs Dermatology MD is your destination for the best dermatologist for skin of color. Trained and qualified to manage and treat the wide range of conditions that might impact you, we understand how skin, hair, and nail diseases can present themselves very differently in skin of color. We’re passionate about helping you and have the professional know-how to do just that.   


Safe treatments for darker skin tones were lacking in the past, but luckily, things have changed! At Springs Dermatology MD extensive research has shaped our practice and we have invested in many beneficial and safe treatment options for skin of color. We even have a Hair Restoration Unit dedicated to hair loss for patients of skin of color—not to mention a laser and chemical peels system that are particularly effective in reducing pigmentation problems in skin of color.

We’re here to improve your life and confidence by offering you our experience in diagnosing and treating skin of color and to also give you great skin care solutions that deliver the best cosmetic results. Our personalized approach at Springs Dermatology MD ensures that each treatment option is ideal for your skin type and is specifically tailored for your needs. This is your address for professional dermatology for skin of color in Sandy Springs.


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