Triple Board-certified Expertise


Triple Board-certified Expertise

Dermal Filler Correction

Restore your beauty with a simple fix.


Have bulging filler bags under your eyes, lumpy lips, or another condition from a dermal filler mishap? Need under eye filler correction, lip filler correction, or filler reversal? While dermal filler treatments are commonly used to remedy severe wrinkles and volume loss, in the hands of an inexperienced practitioner, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with undesired results and complications because of incorrect placement, an inappropriate injection technique, or an adverse reaction to the product. Not everyone is an expert injector like Dr. Shereen Timani, who ensures the risks are minimal. And not every cosmetic dermatology office is committed to professionalism and personalized patient care like Springs Dermatology MD.


• All injectables are performed by our Triple Board-certified Dermatologist.

• We apply strict sterile technique to avoid infection.

• We offer the best quality Dermal Filler Correction.

• You will only be charged for what you get, not a unit more! No flat rates.

After experiencing disappointing results at the hands of other practitioners, many come to us at Springs Dermatology MD to reverse their filler. Why? Because our technique is safe and effective, and we know what we’re doing. The right amount of Hylauronidase is injected to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers to correct the augmentation of your cheeks or lips, nodules, or the swelling under your eyes and cheeks. We offer the best dermal filler correction with Hyaluronidase in Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta. We’re here if you need to fix an undesired dermal filler so you can regain your confidence.    

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